Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Farewell MLT, hello WholeFoodie Kitchen!

So, My Little Thermomix is no more.  It's been a cute name, a good name, but it's time to thank it for it's services and send it on it's way. 

As Thermomixes become more and more popular, Thermomix has to obviously take great care with brand association.  Given that any Tom, Dick or Harry can have a blog and put recipes up for unsuspecting bystanders to try out, Thermomix needs to know that the recipes which carry it's name are tried, tested and true (and we all know that I'm guilty of leaving ingredients or recipe steps out as I transcribe from my trusty notebook to the blog).

Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not bothered by the change.  It's a fair call on Thermomix's behalf and, apart from the inconvenience of having to get new business cards printed, it's not been a issue for me.  It was fun to see everyone's name suggestions on Facebook - unfortunately ximomreht (Thermomix spelt backwards) did not get my vote (much to Jackie's despair - he thought it was the best suggestion!).

In the end, I settled on WholeFoodie Kitchen for a couple of reasons but mostly because it most accurately describes what cooking is about in our kitchen - whole food that is delicious and special. 

I bought my Thermomix for all the cool cheffy tricks, not realising just how much time it would save me with lunch, breakfast & dinner.  I've gone through a huge learning curve in the last eighteen months and learnt enormous amounts about different foods and their benefits.  I've learnt to soak grains and nuts, I make our yoghurt, I have sourdough bread down pat, am at the markets at 6am every Sunday, have about 4 different co-ops to source all our food requirements and only go to the shops for toilet paper and cleaning stuff.

I feel that I've combined all the knowledge I've gained about traditional eating and wholefoods and joined it with all the foodie knowledge & habits I already had.  The result is, I'm a bit of a WholeFoodie.  (A friend described me as a Yippy: a yuppy who's pretending to be a hippy.  Hilarious, but Yippy Kitchen just didn't have the same ring to it!).

Therefore, WholeFoodie Kitchen seemed to me the obvious choice for my new name.  I love my Thermomix and the journey that our family is making with it.  I love taking wholefood recipes and putting a little bit of foodie love into them or, alternatively, taking foodie recipes and putting a bit of wholefood goodness into them. 

I'm always so grateful when people tell me they've tried something and love it.  Sharing recipes and tips on how the Thermomix can help everyone is really rewarding - there's a lot to be gained from sharing a bit of WholeFoodie love!!!


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