Monday, July 16, 2012

What's Cooking This Week

School holidays are almost over for us - we've got one more day left of bliss and then it's back to reality.  While we've been on holidays there's been no menu planning happening at our place - it's the only time I can fly by the seat of my pants and not feel like my entire week is disorganised (mind you, it does sometimes mean breakfast for dinner, but that's okay).

However, we're back to planning this week.  I go away on Friday for a few days (to the Hunter Valley with fellow Thermomixers for what promises to be a sensationally fun weekend) so I've planned some nice easy staples to get Mr WFK and the boys through.

I also recently started learning about Ayurvedic foods after attending a class with the very lovely Brenda Fawdon at Mondo Organics.  I've got a couple of dishes I'm working on converting this week including a hummus using chana dahl, a mung bean falafel and a mung bean dahl.  Don't roll your eyes at me just yet - they were all actually really very delicious and perfect for cold wintery days!

So, here's what you'll find happening in my wholefoodie kitchen this week:-

Monday:  Baking:  Bread, Apricot & Oatmeal Cookies, Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes, Cheese & Rocket Scones and Carrot Slice.  Dinner:  Be Sampi Curry from the Taste of Asia cookbook (in preparation for our Asian consultant cooking class this week).

Tuesday:  Coconut & Prawn Curry (yes, I know, I'm *STILL* working on it!)

Wednesday:  One of my husband's favourites, Moroccan Lamb Tagine.

Thursday:  Delicious Creamy Tikka Salmon from Quirky Cooking which utilises the amazing tikka paste from the Fast and Easy Indian cookbook.

Friday:  Mr WFK will start off his weekend of cooking with his signature Thermomix dish, spaghetti.

Saturday & Sunday:  The boys' weekend will continue with two of their favourite soups:  Quirky Cooking's Chicken & Brown Rice soup and then our new favourite pumpkin soup recipe as featured in this month's Newsletter.

Happy mixing everyone,

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  1. You have taken wonderful step by deciding the menu for the whole week beforehand. I also got an idea from this post of yours,would follow this for sure