Monday, November 14, 2011

What's Cooking This Week

Aussie Meat Pie from Meat on the Menu
So, it turns out having my wisdom teeth out was not the 2-3 day recovery affair I thought it might be.  I'm still quite sore in the mouth (particularly one cheek which has a couple of stitches in it) and ridiculously tired.  Which is a little frustrating because, you know, I've got stuff to be doing!!!

What I can vouch for though is how fabulous the Thermomix is for wisdom teeth recovery.  Mashed potatoes, yellow split pea soup, smoothies and porridge have helped Mr MLT provide me with appropriate mushy food (though I'm fairly certain I've had my fill of custard for the year).

Anyway, hopefully by later this week I'll be able to chew a little more easily.  Otherwise, it's pureed pie for me!

Monday:-  Today my gorgeous big 7 year old is playing in the school piano recital.  He gets to choose take away afterwards as a treat, so tonight will be a non-cooking at home night.  We rarely have take away anymore (I think we've probably only had it 3 times since the Thermomix arrived at the beginning of the year), so it's a big treat for him.

Tuesday:-  Mr MLT's Thermomix specialty:  Spaghetti using the Ragu sauce from the EDC, served with a giant green salad.

Wednesday:-  Baking:  Bread, Sunshine Balls (Lunchbox Ideas booklet) and Walnut & Blue Cheese Shortbread (Festive Cooking booklet).  Dinner:  Grilled salmon (with the leftover bourbon glaze from last week), grilled vegie stacks and cheesy polenta wedges

Thursday:-  Butternut Pumpkin Penne which is a new recipe I'm converting and will post.

Friday:-  A new favourite in our house, the Aussie Meat Pie from Meat on the Menu.  I'm also making a batch of the pies for my MamaBake group on Monday, together with Yoghurt & Apricot cookies.

Saturday:-  Lemon Chicken skewers with spiced yoghurt sauce, served with salad.

Sunday:-  We're dining with friends and taking along a Maple Pecan Pie which I'm converting for the first time. 

The very clever Jo Whitton at Quirky Cooking has developed a link to enable everyone to share their Menu Plans in one place, which is just brilliant.  Head on over and take a look, print out your own Meal Planner from my Meal Planning page and then get ready for the week!

We'd love to hear what you come up with and what you end up cooking, so feel free to share either here or on Facebook.

Happy Mixing!


  1. Yippeee!! This is great - love your menu! I'm dying to try Helene's polenta fries too - let us know how they go. :) Jo

  2. I know for a fact that 2 of those takeaway nights have been when we came over! And thanks for the reminder about Mamabake :)

  3. PLEASE share the maple pecan pie recipe when you've converted it. PLEEEEEEEASE!

    Sending healing vibes for the face!

  4. All looks lovely - we are a big fan of spaghetti with the ragu sauce - yum & so quick & easy. Tell me about your MamaBake group - sounds interesting...would love to know! Thanks :)

  5. MamaBake is a movement that encourages Mums to get together and to cook for each others families. Our group doesn't actually cook together on the day - we all bring food that we've prepared and spend the time chatting instead;)

    Basically, if there's 5 people in your group everyone brings along 4 family size servings of a dinner dish and gives them to the other Mums. (We also do a lunchbox treat to bring along for each family as well.) So, you end up taking home a week's worth of different dinners. I throw ours in the freezer and they're great to have on stand by.

  6. Oh that sounds amazing! Off to check the mamabake link out now. Thanks Brooke!

  7. Nattj - It is pretty amazing, isn't it! I love that we help each other and get food into the bargain:)