Monday, August 8, 2011

Strawberry Season

The strawberries at the market yesterday looked absolutely gorgeous and I needed something super quick to make for dessert, so this strawberry tart fit the bill.  It took no time at all to put together and was completely delicious.  It's hardly a technical affair, but sometimes that's okay!

Super Quick Strawberry Tart



*  250g sweet biscuits (I used digestives, but Butternut Snaps would be fabulous)
*  125g melted butter


*  1/2 vanilla pod
*  100g sugar
*  30g cornflour
*  3 eggs
*  500g full cream milk

Strawberry Topping

*  Strawberries
*  Strawberry jam
*  1 tbs cointreau



*  Put biscuits into TMX, crush on Speed 9 for 20 seconds until fine.
*  Add melted butter, mix on Speed 5 for 10 seconds.
*  Press into a greased bottomless tart pan (mine was 24cm) and refrigerate.


*  Put vanilla pod, sugar & cornflour into TMX, grind on Speed 10 for 20 seconds.
*  Add eggs and milk, cook for 7 minutes on 90ยบ on Speed 4.
*  Pour custard over tart base and refrigerate for an hour (or more).


*  Slice strawberries and arrange over the top of the custard.
*  Heat jam & cointreau and brush over the strawberries.
*  Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Slice, serve and enjoy!


  1. This looks divine!! Another recipe to try!

  2. Oooh yum!

    The strawberries have been amazing this season, I have been buying a kilo per week. I just made strawberry ice-cream using the sorbet with milk recipe in the EDC... drool!

  3. I'll take a slice of your tart Brooke, with a dollop of Fatheffalump's ice cream on top. Double yummo. DOK in fact.(Drooling On Keyboard)