Saturday, January 28, 2012

Corned Beef Fritters

I love corned beef, smothered with white sauce and served with mash, peas and carrots.  My Mum used to make it a lot when I was little and it is one of my favourite "childhood" meals.

Unfortunately for me, Mr MLT can't stand it.  It is one of his "guaranteed to make me throw up" meals.  He is, crazily, not a big fan of white sauce (which also, very annoyingly, rules out lasagne appearing on our dinner plates very often).  So, we don't have it a lot but every now and then he'll suffer through and the rest of us will chow down happily.

For me, one of the best parts about it is actually the corned beef fritters that follow the next day.  I throw some vegies in with them and they are then perfect for a summer day's dinner, served with salad and yoghurt dipping sauce.  Any extras go into the boys' lunchboxes and are a quick and easy lunch for them.

Corned Beef Fritters


*  110g cheddar cheese
*  2 spring onions
*  2 eggs
*  1 tsp vegetable stock concentrate
*  400g corn kernals
*  150g frozen peas
*  400g corned beef (or however much you have leftover)
*  200g milk
*  140g SR flour


1.  Please cheese and spring onion into TMX bowl.  Grate for 4 seconds on speed 8.

2.  Add eggs, vege stock, corn, peas, beef and milk.  Mix on reverse for 10 seconds on speed 4.

3.  Add SR flour and mix on reverse for 15 seconds on speed 3.

Fry in a pan over moderate heat (I throw a little bit of butter in between every 2-3 batches) until golden brown on each side. 



  1. I wish I'd had these in MY lunchbox when I was a child! They sound like my kind of YUM. I'll be making this recipe for sure Brooke, thanks for another good one ;-)

  2. These are absolutely fabulous. Great conversion of an old favourite. Thanks Brooke:)
    djinni373 (TMX forum)