Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Cooking This Week

Beef Fajitas
Well, Mr MLT was supposed to go back to work today, but managed to squirrel another 2 days holiday at home, so we're all STILL in holiday mode.  I'm finding it quite hard to emerge - I've got recipes ready to blog and others ready to try, but am just lacking a little in motivation.

The next two weeks are going to be super busy getting the boys ready to go back to school (my first year with two lots of school books to cover - ugh!), so I'm actually just giving myself a bit of a leave pass and taking it easy until school goes back.  After all, it is holidays!

Even in holiday mode though, we still need to eat and I still find it easier to menu plan than fly by the seat of my pants.  We're also trying, like many people, to pull our spending heads in a little after Christmas, so I'm using up the stores of meat in our freezer and also choosing some less expensive meal options.

So, here's what's on our menu this week:-

Monday:  Tenina's Five Spice Meatballs from Dinner Spinner, which are a big hit in our family and have been on our plates regularly since we first tried them.

Tuesday:  Corned Beef and vegies with the world famous Thermomix Mashed Potatoes.  If I have left over mash (which I usually do - quite deliberately!), then I make Boston Bun the following day as a treat. 

Apple Clafoutis
Wednesday:  We're trying Tenina's Fishermans Pie (again from Dinner Spinner) for the first time and serving it with a green salad.  It's Mr MLT's first day back at work, so we'll spoil him with Apple Clafoutis, one of his favourite desserts.

Thursday:  Corned Beef Hash Cakes, made from the leftover corned beef, served with salad.

Friday:  Quirky Cooking's Beef Fajitas.  I love this recipe and love the fact that making your own tortillas is so simple and delicious!

Saturday:  Mr MLT will be making Omlettes.  This is our usual Saturday night fare on the nights when I work an afternoon shift (and thanks to our lovely chooks, we usually have an endless stream of beautiful eggs to use).  This Saturday is my final day at work, so I think I'll be having a little champagne with my omlette!

I do have a plan to finish my Newsletter this week and get it sent out, before too much more of January elapses!  I'm also back to demo's this week, so the holiday is coming to an end.  However, it's stinking hot here today so I think I'll go and jump in the pool and make the most of the last few days of relaxtion while I can.....

Happy Mixing!


  1. That all sounds delicious. I'll have to try Jo's beef fajitas!

    I hope you don't mind me linking to this post on my menu plan for the week :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Boston Bun : ) And I hope you don't mind me linking to your post about Ezekial Bread a few months ago x

  3. Link away girls!!! Hope you both have a great week:)