Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Cooking This Week

My week is not quite going to plan.  I did my Menu Plan on Saturday, in time to go to the markets on Sunday.  Last week it was stinking hot and so I made menu planned accordingly.  That was folly really because, for the last 7 years of my life, Brisbane has had non-stop constant rain for the week preceeding 23rd January.  I should have known better than to plan for salads, but I'm an optomist and thought the hot weather was going to stick around.

I know about the January rainfall because on Monday my gorgeous eldest son will turn 8.  Since his first birthday party, we have had this continual "aaaaaagh, it's raining, what will we do with the party" issue, every year.  This year, he's having a pool party which, let's face it, would work a bit better if there was sunshine and not rain.  So, fingers crossed for me it stops!!!

The dining room table is covered in stationery (the endless book covering and labelling is almost at an end) and so we've been sitting out by the pool, enjoying the  freezing, grey and miserable (ahem) lovely weather.  Salad in the rain just doesn't have the same zing as salad on a hot summer day, but we're carrying on with the menu plan regardless - between back to school stuff and organising the birthday party, there's no space left in my brain and I just need to follow the plan!

Sunday:  Sunday night we were supposed to have brazil burgers on the BBQ, but I postponed this until later in the week (hopefully), given the BBQ is sitting outside in the rain!  Instead, I grabbed some prawns and we had my all-time favourite Creamy Garlic & Prawn Risotto

Monday:  We soldiered on with Tenina's Shredded Chicken & Vietnamese Salad, despite the bleak surroundings.  The salad is from Dinner Spinner and is super delicious!

Tuesday:  Tonight we are having Beef Rendang from the RoboGourmet app.  The beef was originally earmarked for fajitas, but the curry is much more appealing tonight!

Wednesday:  I'm planning Salmon with Bourbon BBQ glaze, roasted potatoes and steamed greens.  

Thursday:  Sticky pork ribs, potato salad (made with the leftover roast potatoes from Wednesday night) and salad.

Friday:  Apparently on Friday it's going to be sunny for a while, so we'll give the brazil burgers a go again.  This is a recipe from when I was pregnant with Jack and I used to eat them every week and had completely forgotten about them until last week when a friend mentioned how easy they'd be to make in the Thermomix.  I can't wait to give it a try and share the recipe with you - they are delicious (really, really delicious and super nutritious).

Saturday:  Saturday is party day, so we're finishing the party off with a BBQ.  I'm planning potato salad, beetroot salad and asian noodle salad, with fresh rolls (I thought we'd have Isi's Portugese Rolls for a bit of a treat), sausages and chicken kebabs (marinated in Thermomix satay sauce, of course!). 

On Sunday I'm planning a big back-to-school bake, but my brain can't quite think that far ahead right now, so stay tuned!

Happy Mixing,

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  1. I have weeks like that too, sometimes! But as you say, it helps to have a plan because so much is going on that there's no room left in your brain for meal planning at the last minute!!! :D