Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Cooking This Week

Chard, Mushroom & Rice Bake
Last week's menu plan never quite made it up onto the blog - by the time I got around to doing it we were half way through the week!

So, here's what's featuring on the menu at our place this week:-

Monday:  We were supposed to be having leftovers of the Rich Beef Casserole I made last night.  We ate it all though, so instead we're having Chicken & Navy Bean Soup.  Both recipes are coming to the blog this week.

 Tuesday:  It's parent teacher interview night and we have the ridiculous 5pm timeslot so that Paul can get there in time.  I'm making Chard & Mushroom bake during the day so that the kids can have it cold while we're out at school.  The leftovers will go in their lunchboxes, they love it and it saves me making sandwiches.

Wednesday:  I'm making Aush for the first time, which is an Afghan soup with noodles and vegetables, topped with ground lamb.  The recipe sounded so good, I had to try it.  The butcher was intrigued and very kindly cut my lamb leg into pieces so I could mince it easily, so I promised to take him some leftovers - he's still staggered that I use the Thermomix to make our own mince.

Thursday:  We're having Quirky Cooking's Sesame Salmon & Vegetables, which looks sensational!
Chicken & Vegetable Pie

Friday:  The boys are really struggling towards the end of the week now - they're tired and hanging out for Easter holidays (aren't we all).  Friday night dinners need to be quick and easily ingested for us, so we're going with Barley & Roast Pumpkin Risotto.

Saturday:  I have 6 demo's between Thursday and Sunday, so on Wednesday I'm going to make a Chicken & Vegetable pie and some Butternut Pumpkin Mac & Cheese to see Mr MLT through the weekend with the boys.  Defrost, throw in the oven and add vegies - instant meal.  He'll be happy, the boys will be happy and I'll be happy to have something waiting for me when I come home each day.

Carrot Slice
Baking:  The usual bread baking is going on, plus some school lunchbox treats:  Carrot Slice and Coconut Bread.

Hope you have a fabulous week!

Happy Mixing,

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