Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's Cooking This Week

Chorizo & Potato Savoury Frittata
I'm a couple of days late this week - to be honest, it's all a bit frantic here at the moment and I'm just counting down until Friday when school holidays start! 

I'm low in quite a few staples, so have to spend a few hours replenishing those this week.  It's well worth spending the time, so that when I need them they're just in the fridge or pantry, waiting for me.  I find that much easier to do than make them as I need them.  So, I'll have lots of little jars empty, ready for re-filling with:  vegetable stock paste, chicken stock paste, cashew butter, almond butter, plum jam, yellow curry paste and granuesli (from For Food's Sake) and virtual bacon dust (from In The Mix).

For the actual meals of the week, here's what we've got happening:-

Monday:  Baking: bread, replenishing essentials, coconut bars, Crio Energy Bars (from For Food's Sake again), bliss balls and cinnamon roll cookies.  Dinner:  Chorizo & Potato Savoury Frittata from For Food's Sake which has become a firm favourite in our house.  It's really tasty and moreish and perfect cold the next day!

Tuesday:  Butternut Curry Soup from For Food's Sake again.  (We're having a bit of a Food's Sake week, it would seem!)

Barley & Pumpkin Risotto

Thursday:  Fragrant fish curry with basmati rice (recipe to come!).  I'm also making a few batches of Sticky Date puddings for the Thermomix stall at Enrich on Friday and some Brioche du Careme for the boys' school teachers on Friday.

Friday:  Pulled Beef & Beer Pie (I'm still recipe testing this one - hopefully this will be the last time and then I can post the recipe.)

Saturday and Sunday:  I'm off to do a weekend cooking class with Jude Blereau, so Mr MLT is in charge.  There'll be leftover pie for Saturday night and, most likely, his signature dish - Omlette - on Sunday night.

So, that's what will be gracing our dinner plates this week.  I hope whatever you're having, it's delicious - feel free to share!

Happy Mixing,


  1. I love this recipe from "For Food's Sake" and your lovely photo makes me SO hungry... not a good thing, since I just had breakfast!

    I want to give that Barley and Pumpkin Risotto a try next. Thanks Brooke ;-)

  2. Thanks Helene! It's so delicious, isn't it - one of my faves from For Food's Sake.