Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Irish Creme Liqueur

I made Irish Creme Liqueur tonight for the first time.  When I read through the recipe I thought I'd substitute the chocolate sauce component with some of Tenina's Crio Bru Concentrate.

I did the Crio Bru first and let it cool down while I prepped the rest of the recipe which had been handed down to me by a friend. 

The end result was pretty fabulous, both of the Crio Bru concentrate and of the Irish Creme!

Irish Creme with Crio Bru Concentrate


50g espresso
350g Irish whiskey
460g Pure cream
395g condensed milk
1 egg


1.  Prep Crio Bru as per Tenina's recipe.  Alternatively, substitute with 1.5 tbs of chocolate toppping.

2.  Combine all ingredients in TMX bowl.  Combine for 20 seconds on speed 7.

3.  Pour into sterilised bottles.  Refrigerate.


1.  Stored in the refrigerator, this will keep for up to 6 months.
2.  Yields approx. 1.25L.


  1. Oh you are a mind reader…I hope you don’t mind if I link to this in the future…well done. It looks so pretty as well! Thanks :D Merry Christmas...

  2. Thanks:) You know what, I reckon it's the best Baileys I've ever had. I'm going to have to make more tonight because I keep drinking the presents:D Merry Christmas!